What is BUBU?

What is BUBU?

BUBU is a completely free expression magazine for a new global era. This magazine consists of manuscripts that are freely written by a different person per page. BUBU hopes to provide to its readers the opportunity to discover various new values and ideas in the 21st century in which we live; a time of increase globalization. We value every opinion delivered to us, as we believe there are as many lives as there are contributors. It is thrilling to encounter not only with a one-way superiority value, but also with those who live in a world entirely different from yours. This magazine would like to continue to be a chaotic magazine where people with various ethnic groups, religions, minorities, thoughts or talents, ordinary people, and interesting people like you can coexist. ※ ‘Chaotic’ means based on Natural thought of Oriental Taoism.


How to contribute

1 BUBU is a magazine that anyone can join in, regardless of age, occupation, nationality or the skill of expression. You can exprss whatever you want in any ways, including essay, travelogue and poem, either typed or handwritten with any contents such as illustration and Manga-within the size of one page per person.

2 Please send your manuscript to the BUBU's editorial office through e-mail. If you send it by e-mail, please send it as either "Word" or "PDF" in full file. Participation fee for contribution is 1,000 yen per person and you will get one copy in return. If you only subscribe, it will be 500 yen per copy (The postage is not included). Payment of the participation fee, please use Paypal. We will send the receipt with the magazine.

3 The contents of the manuscript are basically free, but manuscripts deviating from the character of “individual expression magazine” such as slander of specific others, systematic use of the magazine, intentional fake information, etc. may not be posted. Please refer the BUBU calendar on this page for the deadlines. Those who are submitting for the first time are subject to attach a self-introduction note in about 50 words for the purpose of the reference for the readers. Clearly write your manuscript in black at the size B5. We do not correct any grammatical/spelling mistakes.

4 The actual magazines will be sent to you within a week from the issue date and they are sold in Handling store at during the publication month. You can also use Amazon Kindle e-Book “BUBU”. For details, please visit the website.


E-mail bubudon44@yahoo.co.jp (in English or Japanese).

BUBUCalendar    Spring            Summer       Autumn             Winter

Deadline              February 1   May 1          August 1           November 1

Issue date            March 1         June 1         September 1     December 1


BUBU is a free-contribution magazine that anyone can join in. The participation fee is a thousand yen. Participants get one page to write anything they like.We joined Facebook. 『ブブ』は一人一ページで誰で (10.18)


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